Positions Available

We are recruiting for the positions shown below. If you are interested in becoming an adult chat provider and you have read all the relevant information, please download the registration form.

Adult Chat Providers

The role of an adult chat provider is to provide the caller with a confidential venue to discuss his or her fantasies. Your caller may have a fetish he or she can not discuss, let alone practice.

Your role can also be described as an actress, entertainer or companion. You must have good listening skills and be able to understand your caller’s needs, you must also be open minded in sexual matters and be willing to converse with callers on a variety of sexual topics.

Customer service skills are the most important tool as an adult chat provider. A chat provider who treats their callers like the most important person in the world will be successful and will find the phone is seldom quiet.

A chat provider is to provide for the sexual needs of their callers and not the personal needs of themselves. An adult chat provider is understanding, non judgmental and eager to serve the callers needs. You need to be Friendly, Self confident and outgoing, have creativity and an active imagination and great acting skills.

Your role will include:

  • Entertaining callers and trying to build up your network of regular callers
  • Speaking with a very varied clientele and being able to adjust to what each caller is looking to talk about

The requirements to be become a chat provider are:-

  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must have a fixed land line telephone
  • If your land line has an answer service and/or call waiting you must speak to your provider and have this removed before applying
  • Your land line must also be able to except calls from withheld numbers
  • You must be able to work the minimum of 16 hour each week
  • You must have your own UK bank account

For more information about becoming an adult chat provider, please Contact Us